Building an arch - gardening day with a difference

Okay, today was a gardening day with a difference. 

Yes, circumstances were right to start on the arch over the front gate. So, after brunch, it was time to jump to it.

Firstly was putting up the two front posts. Easy. Now these are pressure treated, so they shouldn't decay too quickly in the soil. I didn't put them in too deeply, as I was attaching them to the wall with good strong Iron brackets.

Next was the first cross strut. This was measured and cut to size, with a nice shaping on either side. I secured these with long bolts, tightened well. Then onto the second two posts, and again, another cross bar secured with bolts.

Time for tea and some warm homemade pastry. 


Once the front and back posts were done, it was a matter of cutting and putting up the upper struts. Again, nicely shaped and well secured. 

It was after dark finishing, and the results are great so far. A little worried about how secure the free standing posts were, so I put in an extra bracket to ensure the right-hand one had little movement, and then the small diagonal braces really help keep the structure solid.

So, the arch is nearly complete. I have to construct some trellis for the sides, touch up the cut ends with some preservative and then ponder on the plants to grow.

That will be the fun part. 

Happy gardening.