Building an arch - part deux

I was delighted to get so much work done on the arch yesterday.

I was even more delighted today, when I found that I had some hours available. 
Have a guess what I spent them on. 

Yup, continued with building the arch over the front gate. This time working on the trellis on one side.

It worked out very well. I used pressure treated 2in x 1in wood for the batons going across, cutting to size, with a 4in gap between each one. 

This of course gives great strength to the structure, particularly the free standing upright. 

Once these were done, I used a slightly lighter wood, 2in x 1/2in for the vertical batons, again cutting each to size.

It is worth mentioning the importance of using a measuring tape, spirit level and right angle measure - these helped keep the whole structure on track, and tools you just have to have when doing this. Of course the electric screw driver is useful too ...

Anyway, the trellising on one side took just under 3 hours to do, and really adds to the overall look. 

One more side to to and then the fun part. Choosing the plants for it!

Happy gardening.