Butternut Squashes and a few onions

As we head further into the colder weather, I find my gardening time has been less focused on plants, and more about chopping wood for the fire!

Well I suppose that's fair enough. 

One could say staying warm for Winter is important. Speaking of which, there is nothing like a bowl of soup to stay warm.

And to that end, I harvested the remaining two Butternut Squashes, and I hope to see them converted to soup soon. They have seen their touch of frost and I think are nicely ready to use.

Of course we're still working away on the fine crop of onions, and I think we'll get until Christmas before we either cease eating onions altogether, or start buying them again ... decisions decisions.

As for gardening, still plenty to do before hibernation mode sets in, particularly as I'm determined to sow some garlic this year. I have the space laid out, just need to add the compost (purchased) and the garlic bulbs (yet to purchase). Will be done within the next two weeks!

Okay, enough for now. Catch you next day. 

Stay warm.