The woodcutter (or skip diver!) ... Lol

Apart from doing the usual school runs, quite a lot if my day was spend on woodcutting today. 

Over the Summer, when the opportunity arose, I collected all manor and types of pieces of wood. 

I've been, on occasion, called various names including 'skip diver' - a reference to my stopping my car beside a skip and if there was a plank or two being thrown out, well then I'll have it ...usually with permission ... 

Apparently it's a trait inherited from my paternal side ... Lol

Much of this wood was then stored in the  one of the sheds over Summer, where it dried out nicely. 

So after having friends over recently, the conversation came round to being ready for Winter. For me this normally means gardening, but in this context it was about woodcutting.

So, this was my task for today. And, I'm pretty happy writh the result.

Of course the wood collecting will continue over the Winter, so all donations gratefully accepted.

Stay warm.