Tomatoes - the final 2013 picking

As the title suggests, this is the final tomato picking of 2013. They were of various sizes and colour, but there was plenty of red ones too. 

Not bad for the first week in November - thanks to the good Autumn weather, the plants just kept growing and producing.

In fact, the plants that were kept so nice and neat over Summer, really did become so overgrown in the past month, that it was time for a clear out of the glasshouse. 

So I got too it today. 

Picked the final tomatoes, chopped back & cleaned out the stems and foliage, and removed the upper 3-4 inches of compost the plants were growing in, leaving the glasshouse neat and tidy for Winter. 

As I had red spider mite (not a nice visitor to have for your plants!) in the glasshouse over Summer, it is important to clean the place as much as possible, so this is a task I'll leave until early Spring, when I'll give the area a good wash with jeyes fluid. 

In the meantime, the space can be put to good use to dry out some wood for late Winter or early Spring.

Happy gardening