One becomes four - dividing and repotting Hosta

This beautiful Hosta has sprouted over the past few days and just look at the fabulous colour of the foliage!

I think it's a variety called 'Moonstruck' but am open to correction by those that know better. 

Anyway, you can see the plant is crammed into the pot, it's been in it for at least two years, and needs repotting, as well as a little clean up. So it's off to the potting bench.

I took my time removing old foliage, weeds and flower stems. And let's not forget the slug eggs too! The soil it was in is typical of what I use for my potted perennials, generally loam (or soil) based compost which is far superior to peat based for plants that will be in the pots for a couple of years.

Although it's late in Spring,  I decided to take the chance and divide the plant into two or three reasonable sized plants. This was not too difficult a job as there seemed to be some clumps within the bigger bunch, meaning I didn't have to cut too many roots. Some gardeners use two garden forks back to back to divide.

By the time I was finished I had for - two nice size ones and two small ones. 

I gave them a good watering and put them into the shady side of the greenhouse to recover a little before they go back outside.

I did check them over the following days for signs of shock, and they seem to be happy in their fresh compost.

Of course don't try this at home unless you're under the supervision of a parent or horticulturalist ... Lol

Happy gardening.