Planting tomatoes for 2014

I had some time recently and put it to good use planting tomato plants for 2014 in the glasshouse.

This required a bit of cleaning of the area, as this is where I was storing my wood for the Winter.

Once this was done, it was all about soil preparation. Now you may be aware I grew plants in this space last year, but when the crop was finished, I removed the top ten - twelve centimetres (4 - 5 inches) of growing medium and composted it. This allowed me to move in fresh compost/ soil mix for this year. My compost mix was enriched with fish, blood & bonemeal and some excellent well rotted manure. 

Next step was to mix it all about and thread over it with my well worn boots in irder to have it reasonably firm and level.

Leaving it looking nice and neat, ready to plant up.

I acquired some soaking hose last year, so this seemed like a good time to pin it in place. Plants were planted and each one watered (or puddled in).

Little to do for now apart from leaving them to it and ensure they are supported as they begin to grow.

As we go through the season more will have to be done, such as removing side shoots, feeding, regular water, etc. but for now, happy gardening!