Restoring Fuchsia 'Mandrin'

With Winter over, and with the recent spell of good weather, it is almost safe to say the coldest weather is behind us (although this day last year we had hailstones !!).

With this in mind, my greenhouse has now been restored to working order, with all the perspex panes in place, apart from one which was lost in the Winter winds.

Next steps is rehabilitating the plants that were in there, which were moved under the glass patio table to protect them, back into their living quarters.

One of these plants is a Fuchsia, called 'Mandrin', and you can see by the picture above, it produces beautiful delicate flowers from mid Summer onwards.

This particular specimen was looking a little worse for wear, so time to give it some new life. 

In it comes to my temporary potting bench. I've a lovely mix of reduced peat multipurpose compost, enriched with organic fertilizer and some slow release too, and some sterilised loam added for good measure.

So, it's very simple. Remove the pot and tease some old compost away from the roots. The main upright stem will remain, the other side shoots removed, and this will be the foundation of a standard Fuchsia for this year. 

There, that was easy. Next is to tie the stem into an upright position, and repot using some of the fresh compost.

Now it is important to note that when you pot on small Fuchsia, whether they're home grown or shop bought, they enjoy starting in smaller pots and being moved gradually into bigger ones, step by step. 

And remember to water, clean the pot and label - it's amazing how fickle the memory can be.

Over coming months, we'll drop in to have a look and see how this Fuchsia gets on (along with all the other ones I have ... Lol)

In the meantime, I'll pop it into a warm place where it'll be well looked after.

Happy gardening!