Spring forward

It is nice to have a bit of time this week to  pause for a moment or two and have a look at the plants & garden.

There is plenty of growth taking place with buds swelling and colour beginning to appear.

I was delighted to see the pear (Pyrus) coming into flower. It is a fruit producing variety ('Conference') and although I'm not expecting anything, one or two pears would be grand.

Now those following my twitter feed will know I've had Tulips in flower for the past couple of weeks ... earlier than many gardens and a result if a mild Winter and putting the containers in a sheltered area. To see so many flowers was particularly pleasing, as these are bulbs in their second year - I did feed them very well with liquid feed.  

There is colour appearing in my flower border too, and I've started to clean up the area and protecting the new growth from slugs and snails ... plenty of spent coffee beans and crushed egg shells, and a pellet or two!

Anyway, lots to do and will be posting regularly and keeping you updated!

Happy gardening.