Being inspired - what's inspired me this week

It's been a busy week, and with Spring in full flight it's been a very busy gardening week too.

I've been fortunate enough over the period of the last seven days to have been around various parts of the city, which allowed me to see what has been happening for others plants & garden wise, and, identify some colour that has been inspiring me.

This first picture is of a Potentilla 'Abbotswood'. It's a shrub I first met over 20 years ago, and I still think it's one of those 'must have' plants for the garden, as it starts flowering as early as April and will continue well into July, with these bright white flowers above fresh green foliage.

The next picture has a completely different feature to it - Spring bedding - only these are a type of daisy (yes the type that's a nuisance in the lawn!) with pom-poms of red growing to ankle height.

Of course where would we be without Helianthemum. This lovely variety was growing in the alpine house in the Botanic Gardens and reminded me of the value of these guys, and the colour the can provide to any sunny space with well drained soil. Now I don't have a rockery myself, and our soil is very heavy here, so the idea of an alpine house is ever appealing!

Anyone walking by a lilac tree at this time if year will experience amazing scent as the flowers open over the next two to three weeks. It's a small tree that I have space for one, two, or even three plants. It does take a couple of years to come into flower, so initially, a bit of patience is needed, with rewards ever after.

My last picture reflects one of my previous incarnations (credit this plant display to Newlands a Garden Centre) 

You see I spent over a decade working in the garden centre industry and I have great interest in people being interested in plants and inspiring them to do more with their garden. So it really is a treat to go into a centre like this and be a little 'wow!'. Now I know what many of you gardeners are thinking - plants are forced, things are over priced, etc. - but I think good garden centres are an intrical part of getting folks out and experiencing what could be, and into the garden to enjoy themselves. 

Speaking of which, it'll be a busy gardening one here over this weekend. What ever you're up to, have a great one!

Happy gardening.