Itchy arms & tortoise food

Itchy arms. 

Yes, that can sometimes be what it takes. I've been busy in the garden over the past few days, when their has been time, weeding. That's right, good old fashioned on your hands and knees weeding, in a couple of borders. 

And now their looking great!

Almost weed free, with garden plants shining, looking like they should. 

And my arms are itchy. Some of it is from nettle stings, some from thistles, a couple of thorns from briars, etc.

It's the price we pay for reclaiming garden beauty from the ever encroaching natural habitat.

Just for the record, dandelion is now an acceptable part of our garden repitoir of plants. 

Why? I hear you ask. Well, along with many other benefits, it's great tortoise food. 

Let's see how we get on.

Happy gardening.