Fuchsia 'Mandrin' & plenty of fresh growth and flowers

Do you recall my post on restoring the Fuchsia 'Mandrin' after the Winter took its toll, well seven weeks on, I am happy to report on the progress to date. The plant is doing very well, with plenty of fresh new growth plus an abundance of flower buds, which have recently begun to open:

And here is another view of it:

You can see the shoots at the base, which ideally should be removed, but I'm letting them grow on a little and will soon take cuttings for over Wintering for next years stock.

The plant is still undercover in the cool greenhouse, so while I'm happy it has not grown too softly, I will still need to garden it off before moving it outdoors; and even then I'll have to be careful where I place it, as the wind out my way can gust rather badly and damage fresh growth and flowers.

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy and keep you posted on its progress.

Mid-July update pictures:

Happy gardening.