Specially grown under the hedge

OH "I bet you're going to tell everybody you've specially grown that"
Me "Hmmm ... well technically I have"
OH "No you haven't (!) you've just pulled it out from under the hedge ..."

What were we talking about? It's a plant called Jasminum polyanthum, which has beautiful scented white star shaped flowers, hence one of its popular names is 'star jasmine'. It's the one you see wrapped in a loop of wire in florists and garden centres, a 'must have' if you don't already have one.

Well we got a small one last year in Spring. After it finished flowering I potted it on and placed it in a nice spot to grow outdoors over Summer. Once the cooler weather set in, it was moved to the shelter of some outdoor shelving, with the intention of overwintering it in the greenhouse.

Noble intentions I might add.

Well, with the destruction wreaked by Winter winds, it was every plant for themselves. This little beauty decided to wait it out at the base of the Escallonia shrub. And, the other day as we dined al fresco, my eye caught these lovely white flowers calling out to my curiosity.

It was time for it to emerge once more for Summer.

So, there she is, restored to former glory, new wire loop custom made and, dare I say, specially grown ... Lol

Happy gardening