Swaying in the rain

We're back to sunshine over the past 24 hours, after a sojourn of rain for a couple of days. 

A most welcome interruption. 

Even here, on this soil, which can be damp on the driest of weeks, one noticed that some additional moisture content was necessary.

These pictures are of Lavatera 'Barnsley'. It was acquired in last year on a half price plant bed. It looked ready to pass on, so I couldn't resit the temptation to give it new life. 

And it has rewarded me nicely. Plenty of white flowers on stems reaching up to 5ft in height. Which, were swaying in the rain, and gentle wind that carried it, over the weekend.

I've had to cut out some stems carrying pink flowers, where the plant is reverting to type. It was tempting to leave them, but they'd soon outgrow & smother the white ones. 

This Lavatera will continue to produce through the course of the Summer and maybe into the Autumn. Plenty of time to enjoy, and I might even take a cutting or two.

Have a great week.