"It's only there a couple of months"

"It's hard to believe its only there a couple of months" 

This was a comment made about the new bed in planted in early May.
Things have come along very nicely indeed. The row of lavender have sprung into flower in abundance, Fuchsia 'Tom Thumb' is performing very well and the Verbena is a cloud of colour. 

We've already see Hosta and Wegeila come and go in flower, and the rosemary and Dierama (angels fishing rod) plant too. 

Colour will continue with the annuals, the nasturtiums already flowering, the sunflowers year to open, and with a bit of luck some interest from the sweetcorn planted there too.

And this brings me to a nice point when developing your beds and borders - use annuals to fill out your beds while waiting for the more permanent shrubs to grow and fill out. It's amazing the effect they'll give, leaving new beds looking fuller and more interesting, as well as helping to suppress weeds that are only too happy to grow in these open spaces.

I have to say I cheated a  little. When planning the garden two years ago, I planted two plants that I had maturing in pots from my garden move, one was the elephant grass, Miscanthus sinensis, which gives great height and movement to any bed or border, and the variegated Weigela, which has lovely variegated foliage and smashing flowers in May. Both of these giving the bed an air of establishment. 

The Verbena was in a pot for a couple of years, so again, once it started to grow and flower, it looked like it was 2-3 years old.

Once the bed was planted, it was a case of maintenance. The plants were watered in and the bed weeded. In early June I planted the annuals and since then, apart from a little weeding, things have looked after themselves. I will put some supports in for the sunflowers, as the wind here can be quite harsh on tender plants, and I have some African marigolds growing in pots for late Summer colour, so I'll plant in a few of these too for extra interest. 

While I was weeding the other day, I did notice some of the lavender flowers beginning to go over,so it was out with the scissors et viola, bunch of lavender flowers drying for the house for over Winter. 
Happy gardening.