Onion harvest

It was nice to get a bit of time during last weekend to tend to the onions. Remember how I sowed them in mid-Spring, calling them 'easy onions'? Since then they've grown away, been weeds once or twice, and since the end of July, they have fallen over, as they do, which is the beginning of them dying back and drying out, which in turn allows Winter storage.

With some of them, the leaves had turned black, so these were removed as they are no longer necessary and could lead to dampness in storage.

Others are still in the process of doing so, so leaves will be left a little longer. In good weather years, they can be left on the soil to dry, but with the recent spells of rain, I've popped them indoors in single layers in crates & boxes.Hopefully the ones with leaves will dry out well and turn a nice Autumn brown, so I can have a go at platting them.

Overall, it's a pretty impressive harvest, with a variety of sizes of onions.

It's definitely a better crop than last year, and I'd put this down to using better compost and a little better tending to them. I was worried a little about the blackness of some of the foliage, so that will be something to keep an eye out for next year. Of course they'll be in a completely different spot, ensuring good rotation, and, if you haven't grown them before, you might try a couple.

Until then, there's plenty here to keep us going for quite some time.

Happy gardening.