Sunflowers shining

I was away from home for a couple of nights so on my return I was happy to see the sunflowers in full colour. 

Now it's not that sunflowers are hard to grow, or are very rare, in fact they are one of the easiest seeds to do; and with these particular plants, I was abely assisted by a five year old and a two year old during the May bank holiday, both of whom seemed to be very capable budding gardeners.

No, the happiness I referred to was  to do with the fact the sunflowers hadn't been flattened by the recent winds and rain. Unfortunately, other plants weren't quite so lucky. One person described the weather as 'it's like someone turned on a tap!'

So, there they stand, shining brightly, attracting all sorts of insects. It is true one or two need some extra support but on the whole, a successful endeavour to bring a bit of novelty and late colour into the garden.

Happy gardening