I'd just love to be able to do that ...

Talking to a colleague recently about gardening and how enjoyable I find it, she commented on how she would love to be able to grow plants and have lots of colour too, but plants just end up dying on her.


On probing a little bit, she went on to say that she doesn't  always remember to water and feed plants she's had in the past, and they've died. 


You see, I have a problem with this. 

Because here is somebody who's wanting to enjoy plants, flowers and gardening. However, she's had some bad experiences and now has given up. 

Not her fault. And there are many people like that too. Disappointed people who've tried, things haven't worked out, and they give up saying it's too hard. 

And for them, at that moment in time, they're right, and I don't blame them either. 

And they miss out.

In my opinion, when attempting to engage with beginners (or people like my colleague) there is a collective responsibility on all involved in the horticultural industry and gardening communities to make sure we communicate in an interesting, engaging and easy to understand. Start people off with easy projects, the right information, and tips for most success. 

And build from there.

For my part, I certainly will be playing my part this Spring doing talks and information sessions where and when I can. Educating people on what to do, when, and keeping it simple. 

With my calendar already beginning to fill, I'm really excited about the coming months.

In the meantime, I'm going to see how I can whet the appetite of my colleague to have another go at some gardening.

Talk soon.