New life in the 2015 garden

This first picture shows the flowers of a Salvia that I'm overwintering indoors, and which has kindly produced some colour to enjoy.

Much of my recent tweeting and blogging  has been about seed sowing so I was pleased to see some pea have already germinated, taking only five days to do so. 

I was also surprised to see some of the Cosmos 'Phoenix' seed have also germinated, after only two days. This is very quick, although I have used a little heat to help with these along.

There's also more signs of life under cover of the greenhouse, with the buds on the Fuchsias beginning to swell. While this is also welcome, some heat will have to be used on frosty nights to protect the tender growth. 

Speaking about new life, look what I found going for a stroll over my indoor Fuchsia. Yes, Mr Greenfly is making an early appearance too. 

Hmmmm ... a topic for another day. Instead I'll leave you with the lovely miniature flower of Fuchsia x bacillaris 'Cottinghamii'.

Happy gardening