Weather, seaside and first Fuchsia flower of 2015

With the weather being so cold recently, there has been very little happening on the gardening front, mostly lighting the kerosene heater in the greenhouse, keeping the temperature a couple of degrees above freezing. Mind you, I did check it on the coldest night (between minus five and minus eight degrees celcius), and with the heater on full blast, bubble wrap covering in place and a blanket over the greenhouse frame, the temperature still read below freezing! Sometimes what will be will be, and what is destined to survive, will survive!

In the meantime, I've been indulging in my other past time, which is walking. I've been keeping it local as the short days and cold nights are not conducive to long  hikes up the sides of mountains. So I've been enjoying local parks and beach walks instead. And there have been some wonderful days to be out and about. As you can see by the picture, bright and sunny with a fresh sea breeze on your face. 

Very refreshing indeed. 

And one of the mornings I was up early enough to catch the sunrise. The colour was truly stunning as you can see.

Well, I expect over coming weeks the garden wheel of activity will begin to turn, slowly at first and in no time we'll be back into the swing of things. 

To start us off, here's my first Fuchsia flower of 2015. It appeared on some of my Autumn 2014 cuttings, that I've over-wintered in the kitchen. It's a little premature, nonetheless, let's enjoy anyway.

Happy gardening, walking, etc. etc.