Repotting Wisteria in spring

As you may know, if you follow my blog, I've been busy repotting plants in preparation for the year ahead. 

One of these, is a very neglected looking Wisteria, which provides amazing mid spring colour. So the opportunity arose to repot it today. 

It's a simple process really. Remove it from its old pot and place it into a bucked to soak (the rootball was dry-ish).

Next step is to get a suitable size pot, in this case I had a nice glazed container, and use some old cookery at the base for drainage. 

I teased way some of the old compost, removed any weeds & their roots ...

... and repot it using my soil mix, 
which is primarily good sieved (apparently sterile) topsoil, some well rotted manure and about 20% bought compost & grit. 

Next step is to firm the plant in place and provide water. 

In this case I included a touch of early spring colour in the guise of some Muscari I had. 

Et viola ...

Looking forward to it coming into flower.