A copper craft afternoon

I spent an enjoyable afternoon at a local craft fair where my dad had a stall to sell his hand crafted copper flowers, leaves, etc.
It was very enjoyable meeting passers by, seeing their interest in items and listening to how my dad patiently explained how each item was created. He discussed about how or where he got his ideas, going about designing items and then creating them from recycled copper. 

Being spring, the main items selling today were the flowers. Other items include candle holders, birds, owls, butterflies, starfish and angels.

He has created jewellery pieces too, although there wasn't too many on show today. Of course with me being interested in gardening, I was asking about plant labels, so he might make some up, and he mentioned about some planters he was working on ... very exciting

I think next steps will be to create a blogsite so he can put up photos and details of his craftware, and yes, some of his pieces have been sent overseas too.

No doubt about it, he's a crafty guy!