Feed every two weeks ... Camellia

'Feed them every two weeks between now and September, with liquid fertilizer especially for Rhododendrons, Camellia, etc.' was the advice mum gave me about her beautiful pot grown Camellias, 'and every three years I take them out of their pots and tease out some of the old compost and replace it with some fresh compost', was the second piece of advice. 

The particular variety were we're looking at was one called 'Debbie'. It was in a lovely blue glazed pot and had vivid pink flowers the size of the palm of my hand. The reason it's grown in a pot is because  the soil around the area is quite alkaline and That just wouldn't do for a Camellias, which enjoys a lime-free soil with a lower pH. 

I have had Camellia's over the years, and my favourite was a 5ft 'Donation', which I left behind when we moved house. I had every intention of growing another, however, it's only recently I acquired a new one. I've to pot it on and get it growing for the next couple of years before I'll begin to look for those beautiful glowing flowers it produces in February and March. 
In the mean time, the couple of other Camellias I have will need a touch of repotting and feeding (of course, the compost used is lime-free and appropriate for Camellia, Rhododendrons, etc.) to get them up to scratch!

Happy gardening.