'Oh, I do like that' - being inspired.

These were the words of friends as they browsed through a number of garden books, looking at various pictures, generating points of interest and ideas for their garden. We had met for lunch, which had been in planning for a long time, to discuss what they might do with their outdoor space. On asking the question, what do you want from your garden, within 60 seconds they had a pool of ideas to work from - space for entertaining, children's play area, small veg patch area, and a quiet morning area. 


And, what was even better, was as we fleshed out the ideas, the space and locations of the various  areas complemented each other. From my point of view, I had to do very little, apart from enjoy the food and add in some of my thoughts. We'll come back to a finer layout in due course, for now, I've asked if they can do a bit of dreaming over the next month or so, develop a collage or picture board of photos or pics they find inspiring (in this day and age we talk of a Pinterest board!). It's always an exciting thing to do.

What did strike me most though, was the immediate focus on one style - the 'I like that' comment. It wasn't the contents of the picture, more the enthusiasm for it. 

Now I am an enthusiastic gardener, most of the time. However, there are times when I become frustrated by having too much space. Yes, you heard me, having moved from postage size garden to almost an acre, there is too much space for what time will allow. 
I did realised this towards the end of last year, and since then I've been far more focused in keeping the smaller back garden the way I want it and having my Fuchsia, Hemerocallis and pot plant collections. The wider side garden, or field, and front part have mostly just had the grass cut and additional maintenance around the beds that are there. 

It's working out well.

However, what has been missing for me, is that particular point of enthusiasm on what I like. 

What do I like? 

Well, on a recent break away to a friends cottage, I was surrounded and reminded of my being inspired by the cottage garden effect. Although it didn't quite knock me off my feet, it wasn't far off it either. On seeing a number of different cottage gardens, and related vegetable garden plots, the fire has once more been stoked.

One note before I finish, there are many gardens open at this time of year to the public, I would strongly encourage you to go and visit, and maybe get some inspiration for your garden.

Happy gardening