Picture speaks ... back garden, part 1

It's said a picture speaks a thousand words ... well here's my thousand for the back garden in early May 2015. As you can see it's looking good, with plenty of fresh growth and plants greening up nicely. If you read this blog, you'll know I'm a fan of pots and containers, and this is evident in a big way in this area. They do require regular work, however, the pay off is worth it. It allows me the flexibility of moving plants in colour into prominent areas to enjoy, and then to move away again once they've finished. 
Over to the right you can see the greenhouse, which contains a couple of tender plants, the young Fuchsia plants, and an oddity or two. The greenhouse has certainly been through the wars, having their panes blown out in the storms we've had. I hope at this point I have it secured, the white panel to the front is where one of the panels took off, never to be seen again!

It's hard to see from this view, but behind the greenhouse, on the decking, there is a covered frame, with open sides, which is protecting my Hemerocallis plants. I have ten varieties in total, five I had last year in flower, and five new ones I got as a birthday present for myself late last year from a a Hemerocallis specialist supplier called Pollies Lillies. Their website is well worth a visit. I'm looking forward to seeing them a blaze of colour again this year.

The frame in the middle of the garden is for the tortoises on sunny days. It's moved to one side over winter, and with the good weather in April, we moved it back into its summer position. The tortoises didn't get a chance to use it though over the weekend with all the rain and cool wind. 
To the bottom left you can see a recycled shower door that covers a cold frame, which, at this time contains sprouting Dahlia tubers. They'll provide plenty of colour during the summer months.

Also in the decking area, there are some plants Im in the process of hardening off, in order to plant them out during May. These are items like the chives, lettuce, some of last year's Fuchsias, and a container plant or two.

The bed on the right, just going out of shot, can be seen here for a better view.

To the left, out of sight, there is a another improvised cold frame that houses some fine Hosta plants. Container grown Hosta's are another favourite of mine, not only for their fresh leave shape and colour(s), and their flowers too, but also their ability to grow in shade. Keeping them in pots helps combat damage from slugs and snails.

There's plenty more to write about for this little space, plans I have, pictures I want to create, etc. but this is a good start in sharing the overall look of the space. 

Happy gardening