Wet May Bank Holiday

It's a wet damp cool bank holiday Saturday here. Any aspirations I had about getting my fingers into spill have been equally dampened, although I did get the grass done last night, which was a minor feat, considering it hadn't been cut in three weeks! 

The upside of it raining all day, is that the ground is getting a good soaking, one of a number it has had over this past week, after two or three weeks of no rain. I recall a couple of people saying 'a bit of rain would be good', be careful what you wish for ...

Another plus for having some rain, is that it gives a richness to the garden setting. This is an effect that applies if you use plenty of wood and softer coloured stone materials in the garden. In actual fact, I much prefer cream and brown stone like this, providing a great foil to show the freshness of plants.
What I have done today, even with the cool weather, is to give some of the plants an outing from the greenhouse, into the fresh air. It's too cool to leave them out permanently, and with the treat of frost still about, I'll spent the next couple of weeks hardening them off, which means they'll be outdoors during they day and snuggled up at night in the greenhouse.

There is plenty of cleaning up needed in some of the beds, however, I'm not in a rush and with the additional daylight we have in the evenings, I'm confident they'll be back in order in no time.

For now though, I'm having a relaxing coffee, pondering all the great work that's going to take place when the good weather returns ... 

Happy gardening