It's a gardener's life ... less sunshine, more rain ...

That's how the Met office has described the weather for May 2015, compared to May months over previous years. 
So no surprise there then I hear you say. And by the looks of things the cooler weather has carried over to the first week of June with the forecast for the coming week to be unsettled too. 

Sometimes we just have to roll with the weather that's going, and be patient and wait to see if and when we'll get a longer spell of warmth and sunshine. 

In the meantime, some of the more tender plants remain under cover in the greenhouse and glasshouse. I can re-evaluate this again next week as what I'm really waiting for is a touch of warmth in order to begin to harden off plants for the summer. 

Yes, Fuchsia included.

On the proactive side of things, I've had a great time digging out the compost heap I started last year. The quality of the compost coming out is really good, with the only bit of work needed is a touch of sieving in order to remove any of the larger pieces of material or the occasional weed root I've come across. I've started another compost heap closer to the house, as the first one was just a bit too removed from the house and production garden.

Speaking of production garden, it's looking very full and lush, with both plants and weeds thriving. We spent a good half day during the week getting stuck in trying to put some order on the place, so it's looking a touch more presentable, although still more to do. 

The rhubarb has been particularly good, probably the best year yet for it.

We've started to harvest some salad leaves from red and green lettuce and rocket in containers. The spinach and beetroot that I put into the plastic tray earlier in spring had bolted unfortunately, so I'll so more seeds of each over the coming week. 

As for the summer bedding and patio plants, well, let's just say they're coming on well, showing plenty of colour potential, needing a little bit more heat, and less wind. We'll see what June brings.

In the meantime, happy gardening.