Pictures speak ... back garden, part 2

Back garden in July 2015
I did my first ‘picture speaks a thousand words’ post in May of this year and it’s interesting to revisit the garden two months later to see how things have progressed.

You can see there is plenty of lush growth and flowers, with the grass is looking a little dry, which is no surprise given that we’ve had no rain in June and very little in July.

Hosta in pot in border
To the upper left you can see my half baskets are in full flight at this point, with a blaze of colour from geraniums, Bidens and Mesembyranthemums. Their care is simple, water every two to three days, feed every 14 days and dead head regularly. Similar care is applied to the other containers below them, in this area too, with most of the plants being annuals, so they really are geared up to flower their hearts out.
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The Hemerocallis that were growing in the shelter to the rear of the greenhouse have now started flowering and I’ll be covering these in a separate blog post. The Fuchsia, which were in the greenhouse a couple of months ago are now in the garden and mostly flowering out of sight of this picture, however you can read about them here.

The dark foliage around the corner from the containers are Dahlia ‘Bishop of Llandaff’, which are now starting to flower too, and looking very well for it.

The frames you can see on the lawn are the tortoise enclosures I referred to previously. These have been well used since the start of June and are moved about once every two weeks, to give the little guys some fresh grass to chew.

The decking area is mostly clear at this stage, and we’ve noticed the boards are not in good condition, so there’ll be changes afoot in this area.

The border to the front of the glasshouse is now in summer mode with the Hosta in full bloom. This is a Hosta in a pot, sat in among the other plants, with some slug tape around the base of the pot, which has really worked well. I find this is a very practical solution for me otherwise the Hosta would be munched to nothing.

As always, there's plenty more to write about for this little space, such as plans for the left hand side of the shed, revamping the decking area, etc. however this is a nice snapshot for now, the second of three I’ve planned for this year. 

Happy gardening