Autumn 2015

'The only difference between this month and mid-Summer is the leaves turning and beginning to fall'. 
So said someone in a recent tweet. Of course they were referring to how mild the weather has been over September and October, and how well the tubs and baskets still look over, with plenty of the summer colour still in place. Over recent weeks, across the various social media platforms, there is an abundance of colour, where people are slow to throw out what is looking well in order to replace them with the autumn/ winter selection of plants now available. 

And I'm no different. 

The containers of colour I was writing about in July and August are as colourful as ever. And it's not due to my recent careful manicuring of them either! No, over recent weeks I've been very busy, with little time to give to the garden, and although there are definite autumn tinges now, the summer colour still prevails. How long will this continue? Well, there was talk of frost in the mid-lands, and with the longer nights, I expect we'll see the real winter cold within weeks. 

With this in mind, it is certainly time to plant up any remaining spring bulbs. Among other tasks to tend to, I have a nice bag of tulips to plant. So in order to get on with planting them, I have to discard some of the long lasting container summer colour. I can't say I'm unhappy about this, even though I want to get the best value from plants, to be honest I'm tired of looking at the same display that's been there since June. 

Now although I'm not a huge fan of planting colour at this time of year, I do like the odd spot of colour, so I'll visit the local garden centre this weekend and see what treats they have in store.

Happy gardening