Garden review of 2015

At this time of year, as I begin to think about the year to come, I do like to look over the past 12 months or so and review the highlights, and sometimes the low-lights, in order to help identify what I've enjoyed (or not).

At the start of 2015, I did make a conscious decision to write my garden blogs with more purpose, particularly an emphasis on the development of certain aspects of the garden, or garden themes, that I could track the progress of.  Of course there were once off topics too, such as my 'Chive a good idea' post, among others.

The most obvious of themes, as I look over 2015, was my 'pictures speak' back garden blogs. In previous years, I  used the blog to record various gardening techniques, plant information and diary  what I was working on at the time. As a result of reviewing this, I wanted to share a little more of my back garden space, and what this looked like over the seasons. The blog posts make a nice record of this, with part one recorded in May, the next one (part 2) in July and the final one in autumn. 


I tried to ensure the view was from a similar angle to give the observer a consistent feel for the space. It worked out quite well and for 2016 I will take a different part of the garden and do something similar. 

"Everyone has challenges and triumphs, and sometimes the failures are just as important as the success."

Following various conversations with friends and colleagues at the start of last year, about their garden plans, I decided I would also write some posts on topics that I consider important for successful growing (such as sowing seeds, re-potting plants, using good compost for containers and importance of liquid feeding) that people could read and draw inspiration and knowledge from. I'm not sure how well I continued it through the year, however it is a theme I may continue for 2016. 
The final theme I decided to continue with was the 'Being inspired ....' blog posts. These were posts I wrote primarily for myself, to record garden events, visits or items that fire my imagination or inspiration to get out and do more in the garden. Being away on holidays in May really enthused me, particularly as the weather was just warming up after such a cool spring

In my garden blog, you will note there are always some consistent favourite topics I write about, and 2015 was no different. My fascination with Fuchsia, Dahlia's and slugs (yes, in that order .... Lol) continue! Why slugs? Well I think I use them as a metaphor for things that can go wrong in the garden. Yes, don't be fooled by the lovely garden pictures and feasts of colour through out the blogging garden world. Everyone has challenges and triumphs, and sometimes the failures are just as important as the success.

Speaking of success, I really did enjoy the fruits of my labour in the fruit and vegetable garden. Although it's not an area I put too much emphasis on, this year was great, particularly as I thought I wasn't organised enough, or giving of enough time or resources to the area.  I definatwely have some plans for this. 

And now, for 2016. Lets see what the year brings, or we bring to the year.

Happy gardening.