Spring promises

Well, after a late winter wet and then cold snap, Spring has finally begun to unfurl its promises for the months to come. Some of the early colour is looking well, and, in some places, even started to go over, while other spring bulbs are coming on very nicely. As always, same rules apply - feed spring bulbs now, while they are growing and showing, to ensure they'll do well next year. 

And, as for seed sowing, these
are some precious weeks. If you have some area to protect new seedlings, now is a great time. If you're sowing directly into the soil, do wait until next month. 

I've been busy putting some shape into beds in the production garden, as well as tackling newly sprouted weed seeds, cutting grass, cleaning up winter debris ... and the list goes on.

Also, if you have the time, pause to take stock at the freshness and new life unfurling before us. 

Happy gardening.