Tickled pink

I thought it was worth sharing some photos from one of the beds in the back garden. A lot of plants in the pink to purple spectrum are looking great at the moment. 

Now I'd like to say this bed has been meticulously planned for this effect. However the truth is that this grouping reflects some of my favourites and a couple of random self sown seedlings that have sprung up in between ... Lol. 

The round headed Alliums were given as a present by my mum the first year we moved in. Planting them with plenty of good organic compost and fertiliser, as will as regular feeds has ensured they continue to flower year after year.

You can also see a Lupin seedling I brought on that has turned out to be pink, rather than the expected purple. You can also see the beautiful Clematis 'Warszawska Nike'. It's a bred variety that I'll write about again in the future.  And, you can see two varieties of herbaceous Geranium. One is a pink seedling to the foreground and the other is a blue, in the back ground. 

All this colour (and growth)?has only come on quite recently and, I have to say, it's been well worth waiting for.

Happy gardening