Potting bareroot herbaceous

After receiving some bareroot herbaceous Hemerocallis from one of my favourite suppliers, Pollieslillies, the next step was to pot them up.

As with my sowing Autumn sweet pea seeds, I created a short two minute video clip on it. Buying plants bareroot like this in the Autumn or Spring is a great way of increasing your range of plants, and one not used as often as it should be.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/Vowy22USwIA

You can see that I potted them into 5 litre pots using my own mix of topsoils, sieved garden compost, grit and some organic fertiliser. Once the potting was completed I placed them into a nice sheltered position, and as the winter sets in I'll probably bring them under cover of a coldframe just to keep them a touch comfortable over winter.

Wait until you see, the Spring will come around in no time and by midsummer there will be an abundance of flowers to enjoy. 

Happy gardening.