When Autumn leaves

Wrote this little rhyme after a number of different conversations with people on the leaves falling around us at this time if year. There was one point where I was particularly happy about the leaves becoming damp and wet, perfect for gathering and adding to compost heaps, putting aside for leaf mould, etc. and someone else was unhappy with the effect. I think I'll title it 'When Autumn Leaves'. Enjoy.

When Autumn Leaves

Some see year end,
some see fall,
some see winter, 
some nothing at all.

I see leaves,
to harvest for mould,
leave to next year,
and we'll have black gold.

It's the cycle of life,
to grow and to fade,
then natures nurture, 
will bring a new day.

(c) Hugh Cassidy

 Normal garden blogging will resume over coming days ...

Happy gardening.