Being Inspired

Okay, so I have decided to collect together a number of my 'Being Inspired' posts here in one place. 

These posts are records of places I've visited or plants or items that have fired the imagination and motivation for me to get gardening. 

Take some time to browse through them and enjoy.

This one is from August 2014, it was a real joy to explore and discover the Dahlias in flower during my visit to the Botanic Gardens:

I think we are all interested in producing food to eat, whether it is herbs or salad on a windowsill, or fruit and veg in our allotments, or containers with fruit. What ever it may be for you, this visit to the Botanic Gardens for me had a lasting effect:

This was a June visit to the Botanic Gardens. Plants are really on top of their game and there is so much to see:

Some inspiring sights and plants when out and about in May:

A visit to some show gardens in Wicklow were a real treat:

What is there to see of interest in January, well I went to the Botanic Gardens to find out:

A garden I always enjoy visiting and having great discussions with the gardeners there ... Lol:

This page will continue to evolve and be added to, so you are very welcome back here anytime.

Happy gardening