Mighty fine early Summer

Things are looking mighty fine here now that we're in early Summer. 

As the famous gardener Gertrude Jekyll once stated 
“What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade”

With this in mind, it's worth relaxing and enjoying these days, if time and weather permit. There is and always will be plenty to do so might as well take some time out to enjoy.

I have. And, as you can see by the various pictures here, plants are growing away and doing their thing. Speaking of which, I was delighted to see the 'Angel's Fishing Rod', Dierama, produce its first flower shoot. This poor thing has been involuntarily moved twice due to house maintenance works. At one point I questioned if it would even survive. 
Fuchsia's are just beginning to show colour now. No doubt I'll be writing plenty more about them in later posts, but for now a sprinkling of pictures is well worth including. 
The Clematis 'Warszawska Nike' was a plant I read about, maybe ten years ago, and I was delighted to get it last year, and it's back in flower to be enjoyed yet again. I have it growing on a tripod of bamboo canes in one of the borders, adding height as it grows and flowers.

This year I was pleasantly surprise to see my Weigela loomansii aurea come in to flower. This plant has a nice sentimental value, and I've grown it from cuttings taken back in 2012. It's a nice size now, so I'll be looking for a good spot to plant it in, out of direct sunlight, where the golden foliage really gets an opportunity to shine.

I know my Callestimon citrinus 'Splendins' has featured before in other posts, but it really is looking the part here. Yes, I have it under cover in a pot (need to pot it on when it's finished flowering), and yes, it may survive outdoors, but I'm indulging myself, and the plant, by giving it a little pampering. It will be outdoors for some of the Summer before being taken back in again before Winter.

And there is always the roses. Plenty of flower and scent. One visitor remarked how she could smell the roses getting out of her car. The one she was parked near was Rosa 'Evelyn', which is the best I've ever seen it. Some years it is badly affected by 'balling' (where the flowers fail to open), but weather conditions this year (and a little minding by yours truly) has  meant a fantastic show like this.

Finally, in the production area, the onions are really growing strongly. Well worth the effort to plant earlier in the year, and needing only a little maintenance. And of course there is the oncoming flush of berries about to start. I was weeding out the strawberry patch as weeds have moved in quickly over the last couple of weeks. There are plenty of berries waiting to ripen (they've really come along way in two years). I have some straw to put under those that are sitting directly on the soil, to stop them rotting, and, I may but some bird netting over them too.

For today though, if the opportunity arises, we'll clean off the outdoor table (that can be located ... Lol) and dine al fresco, enjoying the plants, flowers and garden.

Happy Gardening.