29th February and 'berry' happy

As I mentioned in my post 'Time to Sow', I was ordering and researching for some berrying plants.

Well good news, a delivery has arrived today with the fruits (forgive the pun!) of my research.

So my collection of berrying plants has grown from almost zero to the following:

12 Strayberry Elsanta
15 Strawberry Elegance
25 Strawberry Symphony
25 Raspberry Autumn Bliss
25 Raspberry Glen Ample
2 Blueberry Herbert
2 Blueberry Patriot
1 Blackcurrant
3 outdoor producing grape vines

With all of these newly acquired plants, I can expect a modest harvest this year, and, going well, from next year on, there will be a real bounty.

First tasks first.

A lot of the plants have been delivered today as bare-root (meaning there is no soil on the roots), so a good watering and heeling-in (covering the roots with some soil), followed by more water.

Next step is to get out to the garden at the weekend and prepare beds for planting, including double digging, a laboursome task that reaps great rewards over the following years. Of course, with the Blueberries requiring acid soil, I will have to do something different there - watch this space.

Roll on Summer!