Outdoors and gardening!

It has been a busy couple of weeks for me, so it was a real pleasure to spend the day outdoors yesterday. I was up and out nice and early for an 8km walk, that took in great views and scenery.

Really nice.

Then after cooking some brunch it was gardening all the way (apart from cooking the dinner, which was slow roast meat and veg - easy way to cook and garden at the same time!!)

So ancient wheelbarrow in hand, filled with necessary tools, I started firstly by planting some small and specimen box hedging on either side of the path leading to the front door. This was a project I had long fingered since May or June, as a lot of soil preparation was needed. It was good to get it done, as plants were looking a little hungry.
It was out with the spade and mattox, push back the gravel, dig a trench, then mix some lovely rich compost along the bottom of the trench and more with the soil from the trench (strategically placed in the wheelbarrow). I then refilled the trench, firmed the soil a little and planted the box plants. For the specimen plants, I did the same - plenty of good compost where they were being planted. Then it was simply push the gravel back in place and water the plants. They will grow here quite happily. I also planted two young Miscanthus sinensis (tall grass) close by, which will blend on very nicely with the box hedge and planned arch that will be in the same area.

Note to self: Arch needs to be sketched and approved before progressing.

Next it was on to plant my Dierama (Angel's fishing rod - a must have for every garden!) that I bought last month. Used a similar soil preparation method, only this time added in plenty (and thats means about 3-4 lt) of grit. These are plants that like well drained soil and little root disturbance. It will be a bonus if I get flowers within the next two years, but all going well in Summer of 2015bI will be photographing and blogging about their arched steps of flowers.

Next it was around to my on going back garden border that I have been rejuvenating. I laid out some plants a couple of weeks ago (after preparing the soil a couple of months ago!), which I proceeded to plant. I exchanged the Acer palmatum 'Orange Dream' for my Hamamelis mollis, which I have semi wall trained, and will suit here nicely. I will save the Acer for a lovely blue glazed pot, which will soon become vacant. I am not sure what the theme if the bed is, it started with a woodland or shaded type feel, but it's evolving to something we'll have to wait to see. Some nice daffodils, snowdrops and Alliums planted in here too, as well as two different Primula, Clematis and the lovely soft golden foliaged Fuchsia 'Genii'.

There is more to do here, but that's for another time.

I finished up the day with a fine Sunday roast and some time for reflection.

Happy Gardening