August grapes

I think it's rather special to be able to record that on the last days of August, we are enjoying ripened grapes!

Who would have thought that this six months ago, when we were up to our necks in frost, ice and even a touch of snow, that the Summer would yield this crop.

There are a good number of bunches on the larger vine, maybe half a dozen or so. And the grapes are a reasonable size - think small marbles (for the largest ones) and you get the picture.

The taste is slightly less sweet than shop bought ones, but I did hear the first frost sweetens the taste. Wonder is this true?

I think I'll lift the smaller of the two vibes this Autumn and plant it into a large container. The poor thing really struggled through the Summer, and I'm sure the heavy soil we have here has something to do with it. So, in six weeks or so it shall be transplanted into a container of gritty Liam bast soil that will have a good blend of organic material through it.

But for now, on the last day of Summer, lift your glasses of fruit juice and toast the sunshine of 2013.