Touch of August colour

Since my last post on end of Summer colour, in July, I've had many responses to say that August is also Summer. 

Well, according to the meteorological calendar, this is correct, but, From a gardening point if view, when I get to August, I really do consider it Autumn, and harvest time. 
One of my tweeting friends did remind me that she has a second burst of colour towards the middle of August on-wards  and yes, there is definitely a range of plants to come into colour, so still plenty to look forward to.

For me over the weekend, I've seen a few newbies come into flower, which I'm thoroughly enjoying.

The Fuchsia is a variety called 'Paula Jane' and it has these beautiful large almost white flowers. This particular plant I've been growing especially for a present and it was very gratefully received by its new owner a couple of days ago.

The blue Agapanthus with plenty of flowers is my ever reliable "Peter Pan" variety, due for splitting later on. The other blue is one given to me as a present a few years ago and this is only its second time to flower! Something about Agapanthus being in pots if you want it to flower ...

You can see my Lilium is also in flower, as is one of my Hosta varieties.

My tomatoes are providing regular cropping. The varieties include 'Gardeners Delight', 'Tumbler', 'Sungold' and a miniature plum variety too. 

Of course I've previously mentioned my 'Day Lilies'. Well the variety 'Fairy Tale Pink' continues to show wonderful colour.

There is plenty more of interest in the garden, but for today, this is a nice taste of what's going on in early August for me.

Happy gardening.