Unwelcome visitor

Thank goodness for cats. 

I know people have various levels of opinions of them, but honestly, looking at the picture of the dead rat, it's great to have them around. This poor guy was left close to the back door recently for us to 'appreciate'. The way the cats look at it is that we share our food with them, so they'll share their food with us. Very nice of them!

Of course the cats are not selective on what they kill, and unfortunately we have been presented little mice, birdies, shrews, etc.

But the positives outweigh the negatives and we'll have the cats for quite sometime. In fact we might have to see about getting another kitten next Spring as Soxs (pictured above) is now 10 years old.

At this time of year, with the nights getting colder, and as animals look fir cover, warmth and shelter, I'm sure more 'presents' will be left out for us ....

Have a great day.