Being inspired ... Gardenworld, Co. Wicklow

What a beautiful spell of weather we're having, and, I can think of no better way to enjoy it than getting outdoors!

So, yesterday, we set off on a drive to a lovely spot called Gardenworld in Kilquade, Co. Wicklow. I have visited here before and it's only about a 20 minute drive (if even that) off the M50, so easily reachable if you have a car.

Here they have a garden centre, the beach tree cafe and, most importantly for me, a series of display gardens, so something for everyone.

And what sights there are to see, one can't help but be inspired to get outside and do more gardening, whether it's pot up some flowers in containers, or re-vamp some of those tired corners you've been meaning to tackle!

For our part, we spent a leisurely couple of hours wandering, looking, chatting, and sometimes just pausing to enjoy the displays and their settings.

These day-lily flowers, made from sprayed wire worked really well in the border.

You can see by the photographs, the place is well maintained and the folks there have a great eye for colour;  many gardeners, designers and horticulturalists that have contributed to the various gardens and are credited with same.

Well done to all involved!

We met this couple while we were there. They greeted us and then waddled on their merry way. Quack quack ... Lol

If you're in the vicinity it's well worth a visit, and as for me, I'm off for some tea and might reimagine some parts of our outdoor space and what we could do.

Happy gardening.