Fabulous Fuchsia flowers, 2015

Mid-July staging area, full of Fuchsia
As I do every year, this post is to record the Fuchsia varieties I have in the garden. 

Now I know some of you have said in the past that Fuchsia plants are not your thing, and I accept that. However, for those who want to enjoy colour and interest all summer and well into the autumn, I cannot recommend growing them highly enough. Try one or two and see how you get on.

These are a sample selection, of what I have growing, and there are plenty more, which I've document in previous blogs, here and here.

Two that have really caught my interest are 'Blackie' and 'Blue Mirage'. 
When 'Blue Mirage' opens fully, the flowers are the size of the palm of my hand!
'Blackie' has good size flowers too, however what is really eye-catching are the beautiful velvet black petals. Stunning.

Varieties range from the huge to the small, hard to tender, from the simple to the full doubles and colours cover most of the spectrum. Really, there's some thing here for everyone.

Fuchsia 'Marinka' is such a reliable plant for an abundance of flowering colour with its arching stems absolutely filled with buds and flowers. 'Heidi Anne' has made a re-appearance in the garden after a few years absence, and is very welcome back. 

Now, what about 'Pink Marshmallow', with large full almost white flowers, a real eye-catcher, and one that appears to be well worth growing.

Fuchsia 'Harry Grey' has survived well over winter and has some nice flowers on it, as does 'Dollar Princess'. Both of these appear to be a bit hardier and better able to recover from the cooler winter conditions than some that unfortunately did not survive.

Another one that I am very happy has survived is 'Mandrin', with its sparkling white outer sepals and luminous petals underneath, a real sight to behold when it is in full flower. 

I may add more as they come into flowers or show interest.

I think at some point it would be useful to see each of these fliers beside each other in order to see the difference in size. 

Hmmmm ... I'll get my thinking hat on for that one.

Happy gardening