Flower cycle of a day lily

There's no doubt, it does exactly what it says on the label. 

Day lilies, or Hemerocallis to call the genus by its proper name.

This group of plants produce flowers, each one only lasting a day. Now, I've grown rather fond of them and have a few, (courtesy of www.polliesdaylilies.co.uk ) and I thought it might be interesting to take some pictures of one flower over a 24 hour period:

It makes for a nice set of pictures, particularly as this flower was the last one for this year on the (new to me) variety 'Sunset Lagoon', so it made the recording of it a little special. 

When I first started chatting with Pollie over Twitter (@pollieslilies) she warned me to be careful, that growing Hemerocallis was addictive.

She was exactly right!

Happy gardening